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Financials: POD and TOD Bank Accounts

Meaning that you, as the owner of the account, name The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Foundation (GWIZF) to receive the funds upon your passing. This type of arrangement is also sometimes referred to as a "Totten Trust" or a "Savings Account Trust." Additionally, most states allow stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other securities to be designated as "transfer on death" (TOD).

Funds from a POD/TOD account pass directly to GWIZF, avoiding the probate process. Moreover, because you have designated GWIZF as your beneficiary, the gift will be considered a charitable contribution and will be deductible from your gross estate, thereby reducing your estate's tax liability.

Living Trust Donations

An attractive feature of a POD/TOD account is that it enables you to retain complete control over the funds during your lifetime. And as the account's owner, you may cancel the account or modify your beneficiary designation(s) at any time. By creating a POD/TOD account, you can rest assured that during your lifetime, your resources will be available should you or your family need them, while also knowing that the remaining funds will be used to further GWIZF's mission of a world without animal suffering.

To make GWIZF a "payable on death" or "transfer on death" beneficiary, simply contact your bank, credit union, or brokerage firm with the following information:

The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Foundation (legal full name)
25803 North County Road 3250
Wynnewood, OK 73098-9156
Tax ID # 73-1574292

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