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The Latest News From The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park & The Animal Industry

Spring Break at The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park is right around the corner!

This year's Spring Break is going to be spectacular with all new interactive shows and tours. Sign up for our Endangered Animal Adventure Tour at 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. daily, which includes a group walkabout with hands-on interaction with many different animal species and educational shows.

Something new we've added this year is a Private Feeding Tour where you can feed monkeys, bears, lions, and tigers! Check out pricing information HERE.

For the fishing and camping aficionados, don't forget to bring your tents, RVs, fishing rods, and ATVs! The Lake Resort will be open for Spring Break with some of the best fishing around. Set up your campers and tents, start up the campfire, and cast those fishing poles while you enjoy the peacefulness of our 5-acre clear-water lake among rolling hills and beautiful landscaping. Daily or weekly rates are available, check it out HERE

As always, the park will be jumping for Spring Break, cabin rentals are going fast, the Tiki Bar is being prepped, and the animals are anticipating your arrival. Make your plans today!

The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park & the USZA save Missouri sanctuary

In early February, Joe Schreibvogel - the former Park Director of The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park and President of the United States Zoological Association - received a call from the D.D. Farms Sanctuary in Missouri explaining that the USDA was threatening to confiscate their animals, and possibly euthanize them, due to the violations at the facility.

Joe scrambled the USZA Board of Directors and convinced them to approve funding for an emergency trip to Missouri to help the animals and the facility. With 30 volunteers rallying together from four states, The G.W. Zoo sent two vehicles with 11 people that evening to beat the five-day deadline given to the sanctuary to correct the problems.

After a grueling 10-hour drive throughout the night, the team arrived at 7:00 a.m. and began giving the sanctuary its needed makeover. "It wasn't fun at all," said Joe. "Working in a heavy downpour of rain and cold weather was miserable, but we worked until dark and got everything we needed completed to keep the animals in their home and not risk being euthanized. Then it was in the vehicles for another 10-hour drive home so we could care for our own animals here in Oklahoma."

We are happy to report the animals will be safe for now thanks to our staff and volunteers from all over the United States!

USDA demands upgrades

The United States Department of Agriculture has raised the requirements of caging and public barriers.

Since the escape of a lion in Miami, Florida last year, the USDA has implemented new requirements to raise every cage containing any cat to 16' and to construct barriers around every cage in our private tour area. The new requirement will cost the park nearly $60,000.00 and it must be completed by May 2012. It is a full time job trying to keep up with the demands of changing laws and requirements. If you can, and would, like to help us make these changes to the park so we can stay up to date with the new laws, please donate today.

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