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Help Tony the Tiger with Building His New Home

It is now time to help Tony the Tiger as he gets ready to move to his new home here at The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park.

Tony the TigerGrosse Tete, LA, December 1, 2011 - Mike Sandlin, owner of the Tiger Truck Stop, has agreed that if Tony, his beloved 11-year old Bengal tiger, is forced to move from his home, he will be moved to The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. Mr. Sandlin's family is from Oklahoma and Tony would be able to be visited by the family who loves him.

Sandlin and Joe Schreibvogel - the park's entertainer - have agreed on terms to start raising money for Tony's new habitat at the park. Some of the terms include:

  1. Tony will be located at the back of The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park, which is not open to the public and therefore will not be on display.
  2. Once the money has been raised to construct his compound, neither Tony's nor the Truck Stop's name will be used in any future fundraising or advertisements.
  3. Tony's name will be changed to protect him from any further harassment and allow him to live out his life as a tiger instead of a political campaign.
  4. If money is raised for the compound and the compound is built, but Sandlin wins his appeal and is allowed to keep Tony, a tiger in desperate need will be rescued and placed in Tony's compound in Tony's honor.

Schreibvogel urges that time is running out to get a compound funded and built in the event the court decides Tony must move. He is calling on every celebrity, organization, animal rights groups, and individuals who worked so diligently to force Tony from his home to finish their fight and give Tony the home they so desperately fought for, to see if they can put up or shut up about animal welfare. Schreibvogel says, "It is time to see just how many people really care about Tony's health and well being or if he was just another political puppet to further their cause."

Plans for Tony's new complex include a 10,000.00 square foot compound with a swimming pool, waterfall, and shade trees all surrounded by woods in the country, away from any city noise, pollution, or gas pumps. The complex will cost in excess of $120,000.00 to build and the park would like to have it completed as soon as possible in case he is moved, so he does not have to be held in a waiting compound.

"We are sure someone will have something to say about him coming to our park, and we are expecting that, but we are proud to be the one selected to take him in and that is why we voluntarily put in the contract to change its name and not to promote him at our park. People have made way too much money off of him already," Schreibvogel stated. "He would only be exploited more if he went to a facility in Florida or anywhere else, and he just doesn't deserve that any longer."

Donated funds will go directly to the compound materials and building, with The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park staff and volunteers providing most, if not all, of the labor. To donate to Tony's Compound Fund, visit the links below.

Online fundraising for Tony's New Compound Fund

Learn More

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